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What Do I Do When Someone Dies?

When someone close to you dies it can often be an overwhelming experience. We have created a checklist to use when a person dies to help guide you through this difficult process click here to download. Please call our office for specific advice when needed.

Avoiding a Tax Bomb on Proceeds from a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is a contract entered into between a policy holder and an insurance company. Specifically, the life insurance policy holder makes set payments to the insurance company in exchange for the promise that the company will pay a designated sum of money to a beneficiary in the event that the policy holder passes away. […]

Mental Incapacity and Estate Planning

The common issue of mental incapacity is one of the most important reasons for beginning the estate planning process early. While you may work hard at taking care of yourself, you do not know what the future has in store for you. Estate planning allows you to ensure that your assets are protected and distributed […]

What happens if you die without an estate plan?

Creating an estate plan is not an easy subject to broach, especially with someone who is young and healthy. Human nature allows us to always think we have time. Unfortunately, life is unpredictable, and as such, people can be caught off guard and die without ever executing even a simple will. If that is the […]